Hi! I’m Jingshan. And to begin, let’s start with why people enjoy travelling.

  • experiencing different cultures and lifestyle
  • being to places you’ve come across in TVs, books, photos etc
  • getting out of your everyday life (even for a few days)
  • exploring famous buildings, locations, natural wonders etc etc etc

The list could go on.

But what does it really mean to me, personally?

I’m from Singapore, a little red dot on the map (as everyone calls it). And the time taken to travel from north-south, east-west hardly exceeds 1.5hrs max. The only one thing that Singapore probably wins hands-down – high-rise buildings. Everyone you go, you’ll be surrounded by buildings – all sorts of buildings. Flats, commercial buildings, office towers. There is hardly anywhere in Singapore where you can’t see buildings, and this can get suffocating at times. Now, have an idea why I travel?

Once I started having the idea of where I will be going, I start doing lots of research on the place. It could be a big city, or a sleepy town. It doesn’t matter. What really matters, is that you get to see different things, might get a chance to talk to different people, and visit all these fabulous places you only get to read about online or watch from some videos or travelling documentary. But physically being in these places gives you a totally different feel compared to reading about it. At least, it does applies to me.

I enjoy reading a lot, but to say the truth, I don’t really read blogs. Why? Blogs are mainly people’s thoughts and feelings and experience of being in a certain place, doing certain activities. But I can hardly relate to their words. And that’s where the true essence of travelling comes in. You have to be there, doing all these things people are doing, or create your own experiences.

So, I hope everyone enjoy reading my blog, and hopefully what I’ve written convinces you to be there rather then just reading and visualising. So, do check out for my travel experiences and share with me your views on it.

Always feel free to drop me your comments or ideas or simply just to say hi at jingshan.li@outlook.com.