Solo Travelling

Going Solo?

It might sound intimidating for a first timer. Especially when you are someone who are scared of being alone. I admit its quite scaring at first thought that you’ll be spending days or weeks alone, going somewhere unfamiliar, as well as reading all those blogs/articles saying how dangerous a place can be. I’ve been there, and from there I’ve also acquired some understanding of the joys of travelling alone.

Why Travel Alone?

There are various reasons why you decide to travel alone. For me, its actually quite incidental. I’ve no intention of going for a solo trip. But the few friends I’ve gathered to go for a trip together has work & home commitment at the last minute. And since I’m doing the planning and logistics, I know how time consuming and disappointed I will be if I didn’t go for that trip. And so, I gather up all my courage and just go alone.

Well, that’s how I started enjoying solo trips, once in awhile (I still enjoy having familiar travelling buddies). For most travelers, they simply enjoy some alone time and its also a way to self-reflect and understand the world. Take it as an opportunity to understand the world outside of your comfort zone.

Takeaways from Solo Trips

One of the greatest joy of wandering off alone, of ’cause, is the flexibility.

You are THE BOSS!!

You get to make all the decisions – where, when, what and how. You doesn’t have to compromise on anything. Simply put, you don’t need to care about anyone’s opinion. If you are game, you can pack your day full of activities. Otherwise, you can choose to just sit and people watch in a cafe. Its all about you, you, you!

Doing all the Research

Well, I admit not everyone enjoy this. But you won’t be going for solo trips if you don’t enjoy doing all the research, right? It might be time-consuming and confusing. You might also learnt that there are so many things you want to do with so little time (which leads to the confusion). But doing research is part of the fun of travelling.

There are those who simply pack and go, but still, doing a bit of homework before going saves you a lot of time.


Spending time alone in your hometown and in foreign places gives you a very different feel. You will realize that where you had come from is such a small place as compared to the world. There are so much more things happening outside of your comfort zone. You can observe the way people carry out their daily chores, how the local cuisines differ from the way its being prepared back home, the different cultures.

At the same time, you have all the time in the world for some self-reflection. Everything is so different from back home, you might start to think what makes things so different on this part of the world. You get to understand yourself better, and develop into a better person (hopefully).

Opportunity to Know More People

It can getting boring sometimes. So what do you do?

It is most likely you will talk with anyone who comes across your path. It might be a fellow solo traveller on the some sightseeing tour, or your roommate in the hostel, a guy sitting next to you in the cafe. Whoever it is, you get a chance to talk with strangers, and learn from their experience. And at the same time, if you happen to be chatting with a local, you might even discover some interesting places that you are unaware of. And these strangers might even become your friends!

Is Travelling Solo your cup of Tea?

Some people enjoy travelling alone, while others do not. I’ve come across friends who told me that they can never travel without a companion. But, you won’t know if you never try. The experience you got out of travelling alone is something that is totally different from travelling in a group. And of course, things would be easier if you are more independent. But even if you are not, you will still learn that you will still survive. Just go for that trip.

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